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Jatamayadi Churnam

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100 g in a container

Additional Description

Usage : To be made into a paste preferably by boiling with rice bran water and applied on the affected area
Dosage : For External use only
Indication : Acute Inflammatory joint diseases
Each 10 gm prepared out of :
S.No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Qty
1 Jata Nardostachys grandiflora 1.250 g
2 Amaya Saussurea costus 1.250 g
3 Chandana Santalum album 1.250 g
4 Kundurushka Boswellia serrata 1.250 g
5 Nata Valeriana jatamansi 1.250 g
6 Asvagandha Withania somnifera 1.250 g
7 Sarala Pinus roxburghii 1.250 g
8 Rasna Alpinia galanga 1.250 g
More Information
Prescription Yes
Returnable No
Pricing Type 100 g in a container