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500 Gms in bottle

Additional Description

Usage : As directed by the physician
Dosage : 10 to 15 g for adult and 5 to 10 g for children or as directed by the Physician
Indication : Deficient immune disorders, respiratory ailments, debilitating diseases, disorders of urinary bladder, hoarseness of voice, poor memory & intelligence -Rasayana & prophylactic medicine in cardio-pulmonary ailments & neoplasms
S.No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Qty/Tab
1 Matsyandika Saccharum officinarum 4.444 g
2 Madhu Honey 1.143 ml
3 Ghritam Cow?s ghee 0.762 ml
4 Tailam Sesamum indicum 0.762 ml
5 Kasmari Gmelina arborea 0.089 g
6 Vilwa Aegle marmelos 0.089 g
7 Patala Stereospermum colais 0.089 g
8 Syonaka Oroxylum indicum 0.089 g
9 Agnimantha Premna corymbosa 0.089 g
10 Salaparni Pseudarthria viscida 0.089 g
11 Prisniparni Desmodium gangeticum 0.089 g
12 Brihati Solanum anguivi 0.089 g
13 Kathilla Solanum virginianum 0.089 g
14 Gokshura Tribulus terrestris 0.089 g
15 Bala Sida cordifolia 0.089 g
16 Musta Cyperus rotundus 0.089 g
17 Dvijivaka Pueraria tuberosa (sub.) 0.178g
18 Utpala Kaempferia rotunda 0.089 g
19 Mashaparni Vigna radiata var. sublobata 0.089 g
20 Mudgaparni Dysolobium pilosum 0.089 g
21 Pippali Piper longum 0.267 g
22 Sringi Galls on Pistacia chinensis 0.089 g
23 Dvimeda Asparagus racemosus (sub.) 0.089 g
24 Tamalaki Phyllanthus amarus 0.089 g
25 Truti Elettaria cardamomum 0.089 g
26 Jivanti Leptadenia reticuata 0.089 g
27 Draksha Vitis vinifera 0.089 g
28 Pushkara Inula racemosa 0.089 g
29 Chandana Santalum album 0.089 g
30 Sathi Hedychium spicatum 0.089 g
31 Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa 0.089 g
32 Dvikakoli Withania somnifera (sub.) 0.178 g
33 Kakanasa Trichosanthes tricuspidata 0.089 g
34 Amrita Tinospora cordifolia 0.089 g
35 Abhaya Terminalia chebula 0.089 g
36 Vidari Pueraria tuberosa 0.089 g
37 Vrishamula Justicia beddomei 0.089 g
38 Dhatriphala Phyllanthus emblica 3.048 g
39 Thukaksheeri Maranta arundinacea 0.356 g
40 Pippali Piper longum 0.178 g
41 Twak Cinnamomum verum 0.022 g
42 Patra Cinnamomum tamala 0.022 g
43 Nagakesara Mesua ferrea 0.022 g
More Information
Prescription No
Returnable No
Pricing Type 500 Gms in bottle


Classical ayurvedic texts like Charakasamhita, Ashtangahridya have highlighted the role of vyadhikshamata or immunity to prevent diseases. Rasayana is the branch of Ayurveda that deals with the prevention of premature aging by delaying degenerative processes. Rasayana is a specific therapeutic procedure with particular formulations.

Chyvanaprasa / Chyavanaprasam is a renowned rasayana drug described in classical Ayurvedic texts like Ashtangahridayam. It is one of the widely used rasayana drug which promote strength and vitality. Chyavanaprasam is formulated by processing around fifty ingredients and Indian Gooseberry is the prime content along with Dasamoola, Chaturjata, Ashtavarga group of drugs. According to the legends, Chyavana is the name of a sage who regained youth and vitality, by using this rasayana and prasha means food. This rasayana is usually prescribed for proper growth of children, very effective in cough, asthma, cardiac ailments, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract diseases and improves power of memory and other mental  faculties also. This is in the form of avaleha. It purifies blood, detoxifies the body and protects the liver. There are experiences that many of the Postcovid illnesses are well managed with Chyavnaprasam.

The raw material for manufacturing Chyavanaprasam is tested in our quality control laboratory which is accredited by the Department of AYUSH and the organoleptic properties of the avaleha is checked by senior doctors of Arya Vaidya Sala.

The main ingredients and their individual properties are detailed below.


  1. Vilwa-Aegle marmelos:-Improves appetite, digestion, prevents cough,respiratory diseases, gastro protective and anti-ulcerative.
  2. Syonaka –Oroxylum indicum:-Digestive, hepatoprotective, cardiotonic,anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, detoxifies blood and immunomodulatory also.
  3. Salaparni –Pseudarthria viscida:-Used in rheumatism, dyspnoea,urinary tract diseases, oedema, excessive heat and asthma.
  4. Prisniparni –Desmodium gangeticum:-Useful in cardiac ailments, fever,cough,dyspnoea,anti-oxidant,anti-inflammatory,anti-arthritic and neurotonic.
  5. Brihati-Solanum anguivi:-Useful in cough, nasal ailments, respiratory problems, cardiac problems, etc.
  6. Nidigdhika-Solanum virginianum:-Widely used in respiratory diseases, anti-pyretic and diuretic.
  7. Gokshura –Tribulus terrestris:-It has Immunomodulatory, aphrodisiac, hypolipedemic, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, diuretic and analgesic activities.
  8. Bala –Sida cordifolia:-It has Anti-rheumatic, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, anti-oxidant, immunomodulator, cardioprotective and hepatoprotective activities.
  9. Musta –Cyperus rotundus:-Cyperusrotundusis used in bowel disorders, worm trouble, fever, cough and bronchitis.It is carminative, diuretic, anti-bacterial  and analgesic.
  10. Pippali -Piper longum:-A powerful Rasayana drug which Improves appetite, used in stomach disorders, cough, asthma, diseases of spleen, rheumatoid arthritis and it is hepatoprotective also.
  11. Draksha-Vitis vinifera:-Nutritive, rich source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, VitaminB, VitaminK, Aphrodisiac, richest natural source of Anti-oxidant, hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, haematinic, immunomodulatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-viral.
  12. Punarnava-Boerhavia diffusa:-Rasayana drug, contains flavanoids, alkaloids and glycosides. It is hematinic, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, anti-odematic, corrects bowel problems and diuretic.
  13. Dwikakoli-Withania somnifera (sub.):-Rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, anti-oxidant, relievesstress, neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, improves strength and vitality, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-rheumatic also. It contains phytochemicals alkaloids, flavanoides, phenolics, saponines and glycosides.
  14. Amrita-Tinospora cordifolia:-Anti-pyretic, prevents seasonal allergic diseases, respiratory disorders, skin problems and immunomodulatory also.
  15. Abhaya- Terminalia chebula:-Rasayana drug, improves gut health, carminative, anti-bacterial, anti-viral,anti-fungal, remedy for cough and bronchitis, hepatoprotective, anti-oedimatic and used in constipation also
  16. Vrishamula- Justicia beddomei:-Useful in common cold, cough, respiratorydiseases, fever, expectorant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory
  17. Vidari-Pueraria tuberosa:-It is rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, improves lactation, cardioprotective, used to improve the body weight anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory also.
  18. Tamalaki-Phyllanthus niruri:-Hepato protective, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, hypoglycemic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective
  19. Dhatri –Emblica officinalis:-Rasyana drug. Gooseberry is cooling, digestive, anti-oxidant, rich source of Vitamin C and aphrodisiac. Useful in hyperacidity, eye diseases, intermittent fever, cough, bronchitis, cardiac disorders, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia etc. It contains numerous phytoconstituents, gallic acid, ellagic acid, tannins, minerals and aminoacids which are responsible for enhancing immunity and vitality. 

Usage &Dosage:

5 to 15 g along with warm milk or without milk after dinner.

Diabetic patients may consult the doctor before using the medicine.