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  1. Two plants in cancer treatment-breakthrough

    Researchers at Arya Vaidya Sala’s Centre for Medicinal Plant Research (CMPR) identified two plants with anti-cancer activity. These plants are referred in Ayurvedic texts as dugdhika and laghudugdhika.  Botanists call them Euphorbia thymifolia L. and Euphorbia hirta L. respectively.
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  2. Importance of Ayurveda in Modern Lifestyle

    The development of modern science has created immense contributions globally in medical science and treatment. The medicines and treatments in the modern age have covered a large space in our lives and modern medicines are to produce different side effects immediately or sometimes later. The prevailing reason to jump on to modern medicines is the modern lifestyle work, where we go, our fashion sense, communication, and to be specific, most importantly our intake.
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  3. Ayurvedic Wellness - A Brief Guide

    In the modern age, we come across various health concerns that are caused by food, obesity and many other health conditions. Food constraint goes beneficial for some whereas harmful for some other clusters. Now, the next, obesity works the same for all, then why does the weight loss program vary with individuals? Even people who follow the same food pattern show varied immunity levels, how is it possible to happen?
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